Become an Auditor.

ResponsibleAg auditors ensure accurate and credible audits consistently across the entire organization. Auditors assess up to 17 areas of a facility and enter their findings into the secure ResponsibleAg portal. ResponsibleAg provides auditors with a variety of tools including a management dashboard to help track the status of their facilities and ensure the process is organized and efficient.

Each auditor must successfully complete the ResponsibleAg Auditor Training course and become credentialed before performing an audit.

Auditors can be internal staff who conduct audits for their companies according to ResponsibleAg protocols or independent contractors who are trained by ResponsibleAg and conduct audits for program participants.

Become a ResponsibleAg Auditor

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The conversation between a ResponsibleAg auditor and facility employees can be some of the best training because employees have the opportunity to ask ‘why?’
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